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Don't Hesitate to Seek Another Opinion

Seeking another opinion regarding your child's dental care is your privilege and right as a caring and concerned parent.  Another opinion not only provides another professional assessment of your child's diagnosis, it enhances your knowledge of other offices, the services they offer and the way they treat you and your child.  Your child's comfort and enthusiasm level regarding his/her dental care is very important.

Dr. Mollere was approached at a downtown children's fair by a parent who thanked him profusely for the positive influence he has had on her daughter.  She explained that years ago Dr. Mollere was the fifth dentist she visited to seek his professional opinion regarding her daughter's diagnosis.  She said they were immediately impressed how welcome and comfortable Dr. Mollere and his experienced team made them feel.  Following the exam and considering Dr. Mollere's assessment of her daughter's dental needs they chose to trust Dr. Mollere with her care and she had been a loyal patient until she moved away to go to college.

Beyond serving her daughter's dental needs for many years, the mother credited Dr. Mollere with impacting her daughter's future.  She explained due to her positive experiences as a patient and him as an impressive role model her daughter has set a goal to become a dentist.  In her college application she declared her dental school goal.  She described her dental experiences as a child influenced her decision to pursue a career in dentistry.  She noted she was happy her mother was persistent in finding the right dentist for her, even if it took visiting five dentists!

Remember, as parents you have the right and responsibility to seek other opinions regarding your child's dental treatment.  ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.  Seeking other opinions will either validate the original diagnosis or provide information explaining other options.

Please contact our office if we can provide another opinion regarding your child's treatment or help in any other way.

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